NanoX Technology

After more than 20 years of research and development, with over $1B invested, our team of engineers has created a technology that will form the core of the next generation of vacuum electronics.

Nanox field-effect electron sources will allow engineers in diverse industries to overcome decades-old impediments to innovation.

Nanox technology will open the door to quantum leaps in medical imaging, security sciences, and telecommunications.

The core of


Using proprietary nanofabrication techniques, millions of nano-scale gates and tips are fabricated on each silicon chip. Nanox emitters are far more uniform than carbon nanotubes, and orders of magnitude smaller than conventional Spindt-type cathodes. The result is an emitter with game-changing  performance:



Imaging is the backbone of modern precision medicine. Patients and their doctors demand ever safer, more accurate, and more personalized approaches to prevention and treatment..


Baggage screening applications demand imaging systems that are fast, compact, and reliable. Nanox field effect cathodes allow flexible system geometry design, and have the high electron flux necessary to image in the most critical situations.


Replacing the thermionic cathodes found at the heart of virtually all RF devices will bring a performance revolution to communications and military systems.

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