About Us

About Us

our history

Cold cathodes were originally described in the 1960s, when it was recognized that they represented an elegant and efficient electron source. For more than 50 years, numerous groups around the world have attempted to engineer cold cathodes that would withstand a harsh high voltage environment and which had the requisite power density to compete with traditional hot cathodes.

Nanox field effect cathode technology was originally developed for use in high-definition flat panel displays. Over time, the manufacturing processes were ported from glass to silicon, enabling enormous increases in power density and uniformity. After more than 20 years of research and development, with over $1B invested, our team of engineers has developed unique intellectual property, patents, and capability to design and build high-powered field effect cathodes that outperform all previous efforts.

our vision

Since the invention of the hot cathode x-ray tube more than 100 years ago, the technology behind x-ray imaging has remained essentially unchanged – until now. Nanox’s proprietary cold cathode technology greatly expands the capabilities of X-ray imaging. At the core of our high-powered cold cathode is a “chip” of nano-scale structures – created using proprietary nanofabrication techniques. The chip is designed to support various use cases of medical imaging, and will be supported by peripheral technologies in order to translate their benefits into various real-world applications. Our cold cathode improves upon every aspect of hot cathodes, including power management, efficiency, functionality, and patient satisfaction. Our groundbreaking technology promises to become a key component in future advanced imaging systems. Nanox field effect cold cathodes will enable a new generation of vacuum electronics. Our efficient, fast, and robust electron sources will allow engineers to overcome decades-old impediments to innovation in industries ranging from medical imaging, to security, to telecommunications.

Our People


Our executive team excels at forging partnerships with companies large and small, across traditional industry lines.


With decades of experience, our Japan-based engineering team leads the world in field effect technology development.


Our highly engaged scientific advisory board is composed of world-renowned researchers and industry veterans.

Executive Team

Hitoshi Masuya, JD


Mr. Masuya has acquired vast international business experience, having worked in fields ranging from optical electronics, to semiconductors, batteries, automobiles, metal and machinery processes, and aircraft. He has significant experience in the management of early stage technology companies, business model development and implementation, market analysis and strategic consultation, financial management and analysis, and technology assessment.

Ran Poliakine


Ran is the Chairman & Founder of NanoX Imaging. Ran is a visionary who identifies and brings new technologies to market. As the founder and vice-chairman of Powermat, Ran was the driving force and visionary responsible for bringing wireless energy to the consumer marketplace. Over the past 20 years, Mr. Poliakine has founded several start-up companies in the medical, communications and technology domains, and he sits on the Board of Directors of a number of internationally known enterprises.

Hidenori Kenmotsu


Hidenori Kenmotsu is one of the most experienced field emission scientists in the world. He started his career as a semiconductor engineer in 1982 at Sony, and joined the field effect display project in San Jose, CA in 1999. He then went on to lead display Research & Development at Sony Corporation, prior to joining Nanox.

Jun Yamazaki


Jun Yamazaki, President of Nanox Japan, has 43 years’ experience managing imaging electronics. Formerly, he served as CEO of Sony China Design & Engineering, and CEO of Sony Singapore Display.